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Taylign Solutions - A Trusted Supplier

Taylign Solutions have a friendly but professional approach to business that offers a quality service with products for all your lifting needs.

We have a unique position when it comes to the lifting forks for large forklift trucks, from standard versions to extremely customized designs along with many spares stocked.

Since the lifting forks are mounted on carriers, carriages and masts, it is natural for us to also be able to deliver these constructions — either in completed form or as requested by the customer.

Being UK dealer for Scana Booforge brings us the quality of Swedish manufacturing,engineering and design. Supplying to most major fork manufactures in standard and special design with any blank section size possible upto a 6 meter blade length along with forging and heat treatments.

We also specialize in quarry forks that are purposely made for the harsh environment that they are exposed to. Scana have two self developed materials for liftforks RO651 and HRO774 with the possibility of yield strengths up to 1300 MPa for extreme applications.

We hope the information in our site will enable you to find the right solution for all your lifting needs and if you need any further assistance do not hesitate to contact us.

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